A Natural Cure for Dry Eyes

Dry Eye Syndrome (DES) affects millions of people around the world and is on the rise year after year. Do you remember when your eyes were clear and bright?


If sore, bloodshot eyes and inflammation are driving you crazy, there is a way back, there is a cure.

Why Do I Have Dry Eye Syndrome?


Your dry eyes occur mainly because there is a break down of the tear film; the protective barrier made from water, oils and a little protein, that maintains proper lubrication and comfort for your eyes.

Over time, this causes the inflammation, dryness and a host of other symptoms associated with the condition.

Are you frustrated that doctors and eye specialists can’t seem to help? They will happily suggest ways of managing the discomfort but can’t offer you a solution.

As an ongoing and often chronic condition, dry eyes can affect all aspects of your life if left unresolved: your work, social and family life.

Where else can I go for answers?

While there is a lot information available suggesting various causes for the condition, there is a catalyst; a number one cause for chronic dry eyes and dry eye syndrome.

Poor diet, lifestyle and environmental factors can often lead to chronic hormone imbalances.  And healthy hormone levels are critical to eye health, not to mention other important functions in your body. 

Most of our patients, whether fat or thin, are nutritionally compromised – Dr Michael Lange OD


Even if you think you lead a reasonably healthy lifestyle, you can still be affected by low hormone levels and a less than optimal diet and never really know.  Optimum levels of hormones are declining as we age, due to stress, genetics, and the environment.

How Can I Help YOU to Cure Dry Eyes Naturally?


I’ll show you how to cure chronic dry eyes by showing you what worked for me.

We’ll look at how to tame inflammation - a major issue linked to dry eye problems and general health.

And…we’ll highlight the key hormone involved and ways to boost it and alleviate the discomfort in your eyes.

Get out the old photos of yourself with great looking eyes.

You can look this way again! It worked for me.

Find out about the all natural solution for dry eyes . Get started on the road to recovery and healthier, brighter eyes.