Blepharitis cure

Hey, I was diagnosed with blepharitis a while ago but still confused as to what it is really. My specialist has been nice about it which is good but it’s not helping me much!

I read that maybe a blepharitis cure or medication is possible? Been looking at blepharitis symptoms and I have most. Red, swollen eyelids and crustyness around my eyelids too.

I just need a way to make my eyes and eyelids more healthy. Fed up with having to deal with this all the time 🙁


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Blepharitis cure

Nov 21, 2012

by: Jamie@Cure-dryeyes

Yes, blepharitis can be frustrating and difficult to deal with. The inflammation, blocked glands and other symptoms are almost akin to the perfect storm unfortunately.

For many, Blepharitis needs to be addressed firstly by easing the overt symptoms with daily compresses and eyelids scrubs to clear debris and try and get the tear film flowing again.

However, what really needs to be addressed is the root causes of the poor tear film and blocked glands. How is your diet and general state of health? Is there a deficiency somewhere perhaps, either nutritionally or hormonally?

There aren’t specific medications to target blepharitis as such but the symptom easers just mentioned plus the addressing the underlying causes are the best way to recover from Bleph.