Dry Eyes In Young People: Chloe’s Story

My name is Chloe, I’m 23 and live in Australia.

I have suffered with dry eyes as long as I can remember. I first became self aware of the issue due to teasing at school and constant questions of “why do your eyes look sore”? I had no answer as I was unaware of the condition let alone a solution or cure. This condition has ruled my life, I have not applied for certain customer service jobs or places of high air conditioning use as I feel I simply cannot cope. My main syptoms include bloodshot, stingy sensation, and uncomfortable eyes.

After feeling depressed and helpless at an age where I should be happy to be a child/teenager I had had enough and decided to see an “eye specialist” this was unsuccessful after many eye drop prescriptions and temporary plugs inserted. As I was told there is no cure, my confidence levels remained low as a result.I became a vegetarian 2 years ago, this change in diet has improved my health and well being but has shown little positive effect in my dry eye condition.

After reading about the solutions here I am very keen/desperate to try a natural alternative as well as detoxing and implementing super foods into my diet. I refuse to let such a condition overtake my life, I am a confident, bubbly person with a lot to give and I’m hopeful I will find a solution as I’m sure others have.

Chloe Louise

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Chloe Harrison

Sep 20, 2011

Dry eyes
by: Jamie @cure-dryeyes

Hi Chloe,

thanks for sharing your story. It is true that dry eyes is a frustrating condition but the good is news is that there is a way back to healthier eyes! I hope the information here is of help to you.

All the best with your journey and do feel free to keep in contact with any questions or updates.

Yours in health