Daily Contact Lenses

Regular wear of contact lenses can be a strain on your eyes and some optometrists will recommend the use of a disposable lens such as Acuvue or Focus dailies if dryness, irritation, or chemical sensitivity is becoming difficult to handle.

If a good prescription is available to suit you, the convenience factor of disposable contacts is also hard to go past.

A disadvantage of reusable lenses is that they can become contaminated if not cared for properly. This can lead to dryness, infections and potentially other more serious complications that can go unnoticed.

Dry Eyes With Contacts

As much as you may be thorough in cleaning or caring for your lenses and lens cases, contaminants and bacterial deposits can still build up over time and lead to unnecessary risks to your eye health.

For example, corneal infections are commonly associated with contact lens wear and according to studies, bacterial infections from contact lens cases are an all too commonoccurrence when proper hygiene is not followed.


Contact lens cases are a recognised potential source of pathogens associated with corneal ulcers.

– T B Gray, R T Cursons, J F Sherwan and P R Rose

For this reason, daily contact lenses offer a significant benefit for people on-the-go, or simply to reduce the risk of infection, allergies and dry eyes.

Dry eyes with your contacts can be a factor in continued use of your lenses. Discomfort caused by weekly or monthly lenses can really affect your enjoyment or use of the lens itself and many people simply prefer to wear glasses to avoid the discomfort involved, according to some Optometrists.

An estimated 30-40 percent of lenses used are disposables.

With the use of daily disposable lens such as Acuvue Moist, and other styles for daily use, lens wear can be much more comfortable and more importantly, infection free.

5 Reasons For Using Daily Contact Lenses

  • Removes the risk of infections by using a fresh, sterile pair of lenses every day;
  • Reduces dryness and dry eyes often associated with reusable contact lenses and \ or chemical sensitivity;
  • No need for cases or cleaning solution kits associated with reusable lenses;
  • widely available in a range of brands & options, including Acuvue, Focus, Biomedics, Proclear and more;
  • Can be easily ordered at a discount online, and in bulk for as little as a dollar a day, which makes daily contact wear fairly cost effective.


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