Dim Supplements

Dim Supplements are a great way to balance your hormones and find some relief for your dry eyes.

3 Reasons DIM can help you with dry eyes:

  • Balances your estrogen profile;
  • Helps clear away xeno-estrogens and harmful estrogen metabolites (the bad estrogens) caused by the environment, chemicals, plastics and pesticides and many processed foods products;
  • Allows for normal, healthy levels of androgens (testosterone) to be more active in your tissues to help regulate tear film stability and meibomian gland function: Two critical components of healthy, well-lubricated eyes.


Studies are clearing showing that normal, healthy testosterone levels help to resolve dry eye syndrome.


What Is Dim?

Diindolylmethane (DIM) is a phytonutrient and plant indole found in cruciferous vegetables including broccoli, brussel sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower and kale.

In other words, all the great stuff we don’t always eat enough of.

In many ways DIM is a supplement that adds back a key nutritional component of the greens just mentioned that is lacking in our modern day diets due to busy lifestyles and consumption of fast foods and easy meals.

Yes, I’m guilty too!

DIM acts to promote beneficial estrogen metabolism in both sexes by reducing the levels of 16-hydroxy estrogen metabolites (bad estrogen) and increasing the formation of 2-hydroxy estrogen metabolites (good estrogen).


This results in increased antioxidant activity, which as you already know is great for your general health as well as protective of your eyes.

What is also apparent is estrogen’s direct relationship to low androgen levels.


How DIM Helps Dry Eyes

Too much estrogen leads to a lower amount of ‘free’ T (testosterone) in your body.

This is not good news for dry eye patients, as normal, healthy levels of testosterone are needed for regulating the glands that are key to the health of your eyes.

Naturally, women need smaller amounts of testosterone than men. However, women are sometimes diagnosed with low testosterone.

What is Androgen Deficiency and How Do I Get It ?

Estrogen and testosterone compete at cell receptor sites in your body tissues.

The more estrogen available to connect (or dock) at these sites ultimately means estrogen takes precedence over your androgen hormones. That is, the balance has been tipped too far in favour of estrogen.

This is not ideal and leads to androgen (testosterone) deficiency in your ocular (eye) tissues as well as other body tissues.

DIM helps to clear or reduce bad estrogen from your body and is an excellent addition to Maca, especially if your estrogen levels are particularly high.

Many women feel the benefits of using DIM for PMT and other menopause symptoms. A mountain of positive testimony supports this.


While doctors are slowly recognizing the benefits of testosterone therapy for ageing men, evidence that women also become testosterone deficient is largely ignored. Like men, women not only experience a decline in testosterone production, but also in hormones such as dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA), which falls dramatically for women after menopause.

– Edward R. Rosick, DO, MPH, MS


DIM For Men

Men also, can – and do – benefit from DIM supplements to balance estrogen metabolism, creating a healthier androgen balance, better stamina, muscle strength, weight balance, vitality and relief for chronic dry eyes.


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Ideally, you should be monitoring your hormone levels, including testosterone and estrogen.

As a simple addition to your regular diet however, DIM is a safe and inexpensive way to reduce estrogen overload in your body and maintain a healthy hormone balance and better testosterone (androgen) levels.


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