404 Dry Eye Products. Safe, All Natural Treatments For Dry Eye | Cure Dry Eyes - Part 1

Dry Eye Products

Here you will find a list of all the dry eye products I recommend and have used to cure my dry eyes.

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Healthy Hormones

Manage hormone imbalance symptoms and reduce estrogen dominance with Maca Root and DIM Plus Anti-estrogen supplements.

Maca balances your hormone levels, creates energy and naturally boosts testosterone via a number of mechanisms; the key mechanism being its ability to stabilise estrogen levels and allow more testosterone to be bioavailable to your tissues.

Stable estrogen levels and keeping testosterone within a healthy (normal) range has been proven to assist in reversing the effects of  lacrimal & meibomian gland dysfunction, two common conditions associated with evaporative and aqueous-deficient dry eye syndrome.

Evidence is overwhelming that testosterone plays a key role in production of oil, the lipid component for lubricating the eyes, and that testosterone deficiency is a treatable cause of dry eye syndrome – Dr J Dach MD


Maca Root For Dry Eyes

Maca Root For Dry Eyes

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Reduce Inflammation

Normal inflammation is a good thing. It helps your body protect and heal itself. However, when your immune system shifts out of balance, inflammation can run rampant — causing a chronic, smoldering fire inside your body that contributes to disease and weight gain – Mark Hyman MD.

Try these natural inflammation treatments for dry eyes. Reduce inflammation and unsightly, bloodshot eyes.  

Vitamin C dry eyes

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I find Vitamin C quite useful either alone or as an adjunct to omega-3 supplementation – Colin Chan, Surgeon of Opthalmology

Vitamin C and Fatty Acids Show Clear Efficacy for Dry Eyes, says Opthalmologist.

A  2008 study found that a astaxanthin raised testosterone and reduced estrogen (estradiol) in healthy volunteers.


astaxanthin for eyes


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