Dry Eyes and Pregnancy

by Kerry

I have chronic dry eyes, but this condition goes away when I am pregnant (with two children). Should I go on hormone Replacement therapy to mimic pregnancy? Or would this make my eyes worse?


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Dry Eyes and Pregnancy

Aug 21, 2011

Dry eyes & pregnancy
by: Jamie @cure-dryeyes

Hi Kerry,

that is a really interesting comment regarding your pregnancies and dry eyes!

The role of the hormone progesterone is very important for pregnant women. During pregnancy levels of progesterone rise quite significantly! Along with the many other health benefits that adequate progesterone levels provide, some is converted, indirectly, to testosterone, even in women.

I would suggest a combination of higher progesterone and boosted T levels are likely to be providing relief for your DES during this time.

Low and chronically low progesterone and testosterone levels are linked to dry eyes and many other health issues.

Yours in health 🙂