Estrogen And Dry Eyes

How estrogen balance can contribute to your dry eyes


Estrogen is often thought of as merely a group of female hormones that influence the growth of different tissues – particularly those of the reproductive systems. Not surprisingly though, men too need estrogen.

However, elevated estrogen and dry eyes can become a serious issue for many people.  In these cases, drops for dry eyes are not effective for the most part.

Healthy estrogen levels play an important role in your overall hormone picture.

As well as being beneficial to reproductive organs, estrogens also play a part in taming inflammation, improving circulation and maintaining digestive health.

However, over time, estrogen levels can become significantly elevated in both men and women for a number of reasons: increasing pollution, high stress levels and poor diet and nutrition as examples.

More recently this is being referred to as estrogen dominance.

Elevated levels of estrogen cause an imbalance with other hormones such as testosterone. This has the effect of counteracting or lowering your levels of testosterone.

Testosterone and progesterone serve critical roles of their own and need to be at normal, healthy levels. This imbalance with estrogen is one of the factors that leads to androgen (testosterone) deficiency.

Studies have shown that it is this deficiency – or imbalance – that can cause the discomfort of dry eyes.

More About Androgen Deficiency

How you are potentially overexposed to estrogen 

  • from multiple food sources, including high quantities of soy in processed foods;
  • the environment;
  • chemicals and pesticides;
  • cosmetics and plastics;
  • birth control pills;
  • estrogen replacement therapy (in women)


Many of the foods we eat and chemicals we use contain estrogen mimickers called xenoestrogens…’xeno’ means foreign.

Xeno-estrogens in their basic form are carcinogens and now widely recognised as endocrine (hormone) disruptors. Reducing exposure to chemicals, pesticides and pollution is an important factor in reducing your estrogen load, as well as improving your general health.

For this reason – among others – organic farming practices are now common place and provide people with pesticide-free alternatives.

The more weight you carry, the higher your estrogen levels are likely to be…

A little enzyme called aromatase is very active within fat cells, busily converting any of your available testosterone to estrogen. The more weight you carry, the more aromatase you are likely to have – and the more conversion to estrogen.

It can become a vicious cycle…. and the lower and lower your testosterone gets!

For men, the tell-tale sign of estrogen dominance is fatty deposits in the chest, otherwise known as ‘man boobs’.

Higher than normal Estrogen levels remain prevalent, especially in older women and people susceptible to hormone imbalances.

Common dry eye treatments help in easing symptoms but until an underlying imbalance like this is corrected, the condition may not improve.
Dr Bruce Thomas on Estrogen Dominance

While overall hormone balance is unique to each person, there is no denying that higher than normal levels of estrogen, along with stress, pollution and poor diet combine to produce a number of symptoms, including low testosterone levels and androgen-deficient dry eyes in people that are susceptible.


  1. I hope someone reads this comment and helps me cause I’m losing my mind! And my money! I’ve been to so many doctors and they don’t seem to understand that my dry eye is hormone related; I started taking birth control pills about a year ago, and as soon as I started my dry eye began. At first I didn’t think they were related (I just moved to the USA so I thought maybe allergies or the change) I was taking those pills because I have endometriosis. The pill didn’t work so my gynaecologist gave me the shot, depo provera. Worst mistake of my life since I’ve gained weight and I still have the endometriosis; but anyway I stopped birthcontrol in April, and I’m actually I’m doing a lot better with my eyes, but every time my period is about to start, I get super super dry eyes again! The point where I can’t even wear makeup at all in my face! But as soon as my period ends, I feel so much better! This never happened before the birthcontrol, so I’m pretty sure this is how I got messed up! Does anyone know if just stopping the birthcontrol I’ll go back to normal? Do you think my body will adjust on his own like before? Please please if someone knows tell me! Thank you…

    • Omg. This is me!!!! You just described me!
      Please message me. Did anything help you?

      I am estrogen dominate and premenopausal

    • Rita Braddock says:

      I am 62. Had complete hysterectomy in 2005. Been on biodentical hormone treatment. Estrogen and progesterone. I do an estrogen patch weekly, .75 . Put on a new patch today, my eyes were super moist, a lot of drainage. Never thought about it till today. It’s from either too much estrogen or too little. At night, really bad dry eye. I know now what’s causing it. So Sophia, it’s true what you said, our hormones are messing with our eyes.

  2. I took myself off Estrodial, 1mg per day, about 2 years ago and found that my eyes became very dry and painful with repeated bouts of conjunctivitis, then I started taking the Estrodial again for other reasons and found that my dry eyes went back to normal but at the time I didn’t associate the two. However, a few months ago, I again, tried weaning myself off of Estrodial ( I don’t need progesterone as I have no ovaries due to radical hysterectomy with Oopherectomy ). It wasn’t long before my eyes became extremely dry again with repeated infections and this is ongoing which is making me extremely miserable, however I’m going to go back on Estrodial to see if they improve again. I’ve a hunch it may work but I could be wrong. Of course this is totally unscientific but it’s worth a try. I forgot to mention that I also take Thyroxine 50mcgs per day.

    • That’s very curious Ruth. Thanks for your comment. Typically, elevated estrogen can be a hormonal culprit regarding dry eyes but it seems your situation is a little different.

      • Yes, thanks, I’ve read that elevated estrogen can aggravate dry eyes but then again, I’ve also read that there haven’t been a lot of trials done.

      • I’ve been reading a bit more and thinking a bit more and it seems that Estrogen damps down thyroxine, therefore when I was taking estrogen with my thyroxine my thyroxine levels would have been less than when I stopped the estrogen, hence the weight loss when I came off estrogen and hence the dry eyes as thyroxine can have that effect so I’m told…that would explain things wouldn’t it? Sore eyes kind of concentrates the mind 😉

      • Ruth Walters says:

        It’s been about 4 months since I’ve gone back on the estrodial, although I’m only taking the occasional tablet now and my eyes have improved although not quite back to normal but considerably better than they were so that I only have to use the eye drops at night. I’m delighted!


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