My Low Testosterone

by Jason

I’ve had dry, itchy eyes for ages. I think maybe I have low t?? Working long hours I feel tired a lot and generally just feel lousy.

I am not sure I totally understand androgen deficiency but read with interest the information you have on your site!! Should I check this out with my doctor? What do you think?

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Low Testosterone

Mar 30, 2012

Androgen deficiency
by: AnonymousHi Jason, yes, low testosterone levels (or ‘low t’) have been proven to be a cause of dry eyes, along with general hormone imbalances. When you correct the underlying imbalance, you go a long way towards vast improvements with the health of your eyes!

Androgen deficiency is simply a more recent term to describe the above, but more specifically related to androgen hormones – testosterone and its derivatives. Note, women can suffer androgen deficiency.

You should have your GP run a hormone panel and correct any problems.