Maca Root & Dry Eyes

Naturopaths the world over have known about this fantastic super food for years.

When consumed Maca targets the hypothalamus in the brain, which regulates the pituitary, and thus all hormones in the body.
If I could pick any word for Maca it would be BALANCE.

– Dr Hillary Lampers ND


Maca root is a small vegetable grown in the Andes of Peru. As well as being a supplement packed full of trace minerals, vitamins and fatty acids, it is widely understood to be an adaptogen, naturally balancing out the bodies hormones and endocrine system.

Adaptogens are known for having a normalizing effect, counteracting or preventing a disturbance to normal function of the body brought about by a stressor or disease.

Maca increases libido by promoting healthy testosterone and estrogen levels. Feelings of increased energy and well-being are also commonly reported from the regular use of maca.

For many of us, diet,environmental and lifestyle factors have led to a slow decline in general health, inclusive of healthy hormone levels.

We all lead busy lives and sometimes don’t eat as well as we should. Maca root results are very positive and can help to address many of the issues of hormone imbalance, low androgen levels and dry eyes.

Androgens are sex hormones, and include testosterone, dihydrotestosterone and DHEA. All these hormones need to be in balance and within normal, healthy ranges for good general well-being to be maintained.

A 2014 study found that the relationship between Maca and testosterone levels was of some interest. While the mechanism for Maca’s “direct” effect on testosterone was not clear, it found that Maca’s ability to significantly stimulate Luteinizing hormone had a beneficial effect on androgen levels (namely testosterone) in the control group.

The study found evidence that there may be factors such as androgen levels that mediate the efficacy of maca treatment on the whole. 

Women require healthy testosterone levels too, only in smaller quantities than in men.

As a result of an imbalance, consequently, many of us with low levels of androgen hormones often can have high levels of estrogens and xeno-estrogens in our bodies.

This imbalance between testosterone and estrogen is one of the major causes of dry eyes and meibomian and lacrimal gland dysfunctions.

Both of these glands are key to regulating proper tear film flow for protection and lubrication of the eye surface.

Simply put: unbalanced hormone profiles, with corresponding low levels of testosterone – outside the range of normal or low-normal  – can affect the functioning of two key glands within our eyes. 


7 Great Benefits of Maca Root powder!

  • increases energy and endurance;
  • can regulate hormones, providing balance;
  • improves sexual function in men and women, promoting a natural boosting of androgens;
  • enhances memory, learning and mental ability;
  • acts as an anti-fungal and anti-carcinogen;
  • enhances fertility;
  • improves mood and sense of well-being.


Maca is most often regarded as a powerful stamina booster, libido enhancer, hormone regulator and exhaustion buster. Unique alkaloids found in maca, called Macainas, have been shown to nourish and support the endocrine system, which regulates many of the body’s important functions. Maca also provides an abundance of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and sterols that can support general health and immune function.

– Navitas Naturals.


Maca can show amazing results, not only for your eyes but your general health and vitality.

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You may like to start with ½ a teaspoon a day mixed with juice or water, gradually increasing to one teaspoon or more.

Maca can have a bit of a funky taste. I prefer to mix it up with some apple juice and cinnamon to spice it up a bit or you can add it to a morning smoothie.

Give Maca a try. A product like this can make all the difference with hormone imbalances, androgen deficiency and dry eyes.

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The Truth About Maca. Kathleen Zelman, MPH, RD, LD


  1. Hi,
    I have a question about hormone balance; where can I find out what the normal estrogen/testosterone balance should
    be for a woman. I am searching for the reason for my dry eyes, which has been intermittant for several years, but constant the past 4 months. Its driving me crazy & interfering badly with my sleep. How much maca would I need? How do I know when my hormones are balanced without lab tests. I am 58 and have been in menopause for several years. Thank you very much.

  2. I’d like to get this locally in AZ but not sure where! I was told good things about Maca via a friend. Can I take it just with water and should I be looking at side effects?


    • Hi Susie,

      All good health stores usually stock Maca. Yes you can mix it with water. The taste needs some getting used to but juice and /or smoothies is a good way to take it also.

      If you click through to iherb, they stock it the cheapest I’ve been able to find – and organic. (As disclosure, I receive a small affiliate commission for any sales from my site through iherb – which goes into keeping the site up and running) There are literally hundreds of customer testimonials for Maca over at iherb. So you can get some great opinions and comment from others.

      ************** Updated. As of the last several months the price of Maca in this form has increased dramatically from around $20 RRP to close to $50. This is due by and large to it’s popularity and limited supplies.


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