My Story of Finding a Dry Eye Solution


Hi there,  my name’s Jamie and thanks for visiting.

Dry eyes has the unique ability to really mess with your life.

I estimate I had dry eye syndrome for a little over 3 years. I’m completely healed of dry eye syndrome now.

If this sounds familiar and you are a long-time sufferer, I sincerely empathise with you. Or maybe you’re just experiencing the first symptoms of dry eyes and need somewhere to start.

I hope my story and the dry eye solutions I discovered can – and will – offer you some guidance.

I’m an IT professional by day, a writer and a strong believer in living healthy, along with taking accountability for your health!

I’ve studied in diet and nutrition with a respected Sydney nutritionist and can tell you that …..the body, your body, has amazing abilities to heal itself given the right inputs.


Do your bloodshot and irritable dry eyes feel like an ongoing and uphill battle? 

A frustrating condition that you’re never going to conquer?

Well, I know what the feels like and yes, it’s pretty awful.

My problems started with pretty typical symptoms of red, bloodshot eyes and inflammation.

I always looked like I’d had a big night out!

I couldn’t be at the computer for long as it was just too uncomfortable and painful. One of the classic symptoms of dry eye syndrome by the way. Gritty feelings, burning sensations and light sensitivity are all part of living with chronic dry eye.

I tried everything from all manner of dry eye drops, to warm compresses and multi-vitamins but nothing seemed to help. I kept going back to the drawing board… Opthalmologists were really at a loss to know what to do with me, except for handing me a bag full of dry eye drops and gels.

The constant pain and discomfort was depressing. Does this sound like you?

If so, The Three Keys I discovered can help you!

Painful dry eyes can affect relationships, your job and have a knock-on affect in just about every other aspect of your life. It is not until you have a chronic condition like this that you realise quite how important the health of your eyes really are.


Taking action…

As with so many areas of health care these days, it can come down to taking things into your own hands and refusing to give up, even if given little hope by doctors and specialists.

They don’t always have all the answers even if they pretend they do.

The truth is, severe dry eyes can often be a multi-faceted issue with causes ranging from laser eye surgery, to infections and auto-immune disease.


How To Treat Dry Eyes. The Fix Is In….

There is a large body of evidence and research pointing to declining hormone health and imbalances as being a major culprit in the often diagnosed conditions, meibomian gland dysfunction and blepharitis – two dry eye-based conditions.  This is closely aligned with vitamin deficiencies that can go unnoticed.

You will find a lot of this research right here within the pages of this site; research that sheds light on the key hormones and vitamins that have a large part to play in any dry eye solution.

My 2 Top Supplements for Hormone Health.

As I began to detox and balance my hormones, naturally, the pain and inflammation soon subsided. I looked and felt five years younger – and I had the satisfaction of having done it myself.

No more costly trips to the Opthalmologist!


Why am I doing this?

As reported just recently, dry eye disease is fast becoming the number one ocular surface disease with an estimated 20-30% of the world’s population affected by 2018 according to analysts.


Everything you read suggests there are NO cures or solutions for dry eyes.

That’s simply not true. My sincere wish is to help as many people relieve their dry eyes once and for all. If it worked for me it can work for you.


Whether you are 25 or 65, a man or woman, I hope there is something valuable here to help you.

It’s important to remember that change happens gradually. Everyone’s body is a little different. What happens in 2 weeks for some takes 2 months for others.

Given time and the right inputs, the body heals itself….

Tip: Doctors aren’t all that interested in your hormones unless you are seriously ill.

But many are even less interested in what you are eating. It’s true.

What I discovered along the way is that everybody has a right to self-help and self-care. Yep, that’s YOU.

If you want to be healthy, full of energy and be without dry eyes once and for all you need to be accountable and take action.

And that’s exactly what I did!


The Solution


The Three Keys worked wonderfully for me! I discovered what great food and nutrition can do for your well-being and spirit, not to mention your waistline.

You too can take action. Be accountable for your health wherever possible.


Yours in health.




Jamie.s (at)