Natural Remedy for Dry Eyes

There is a natural remedy for dry eyes. It’s actually easier than you think – and I’m living proof that it works.

Let’s look at the three keys for a natural solution for dry eyes and regaining your confidence and a healthy life.

Good Diet….

Balanced Hormones….

Avoid Estrogen Dominance….

Key 1…Diet

An 80% whole food, organic diet free of pesticides and chemicals.

While it often seems too simple to finger dietary causes as a suspect in ill health, the truth is it is a big factor.

Due to busy lifestyles, we often eat a little more processed, fast foods and easy meals than we really should. Incorporate more fruit and vegetables, nuts and seeds into your diet.

Eat raw where possible; add salads and juices. If organic is a little tough on the hip pocket, no problem. Buy as much or as little as your budget allows; what’s important is the whole-foods part.

Keep it simple, keep it fresh….

Try to nominate 3-5 days of the week to eat fresh, healthy whole-foods.

Give yourself permission to have a day or two off. It’s not a race or an ‘all- or- nothing’ equation. Change happens gradually.

And as your body changes, so too does it start to find balance.

 It takes 3 weeks to break a habit….

Include a brief detox program as well for faster results. This is an important step and very worthwhile including.

A detox is like resetting the clock and starting fresh. It puts the brakes on inflammation and helps clear any toxic overload, which gives you a great platform from which to move forward in a healthier, more energised state.

When I was put on this program, in 5-10 days I was literally jumping out of my skin. With any luck, YOU will be too.


Key 2….Well-Balanced Hormones

I doubt you have had many conversations with your doctor about hormone health unless you had specific reason to, right?

What is not commonly known is that studies show that low hormone levels, specifically androgen hormones, lead to meibomian and lacrimal gland deficiencies and chronic dry eyes.

Both of these glands are important as they regulate proper tear film flow and lubrication over the surface of the eye. Without this protective layer, or tear film, the eye becomes dry and irritable and inflammation occurs.

The key androgen for dry eye is testosterone and testosterone helps to regulate the meibomian gland tissue and tear quality according to research.

Key 3….Maintain Healthy Estrogen Levels

We could call this the second part of Key 2 but we will look at this separately all the same.

As part of a balanced hormone profile, excess estrogen can often act as an antagonist to healthy levels of androgens in your body. It can be a fine balance between the two.

Excess estrogen upsets your testosterone levels and over time, if not rectified, leads to a number of different health issues, not least of which is irritable, dry eyes.


What is High Estrogen?

Excess estrogen builds up through high intakes of food products and processed foods containing soy, of which there are many, but also through exposure to xeno-estrogens, which artificially mimic estrogen in the body.

Commonly known xeno-estrogens are, pesticides, petro-chemicals, cosmetics, plastics and more. In a way, environmental pollution and many of these chemicals trick your body into creating more estrogen.

Weight gain or retention is commonly associated with excess estrogen load…

In essence, what you are looking to do is lower or create better balance between your estrogen and testosterone levels.


Check out what renowned Ophthalmologist, Dr  Brian Boxer-Wachler has to say about testosterone deficiency in dry eye patients. And yes, this applies to women too.


Is It Really My Hormones?


Because hormones perform specific jobs within your body’s tissues, it really is no surprise that eye tissues and glands are also regulated by hormones.

Ultimately, unless your hormones are in balance your eye health can be affected, not to mention a number of other functions of the body we take for granted.

My eye specialist says I have MGD (Meibomian Gland Dysfunction) and Blepharitis. What has this got to do with my hormones?

MGD and Blepharitis stem from a root cause. In other words, they are the end result or symptom, not the underlying issue. Blepharitis and MGD are caused by a series of events.

Poor tear film flow causes the eye surface to become dry and unhealthy.

Localised inflammation then appears in the form of bloodshot eyes and swollen eyelids. Blocked meibomian glands also result in some instances due to the chronic inflammation and poor tear film health. An unfortunate vicious cycle.

Dry eye symptoms occur because the underlying hormone deficiency or imbalance is likely to have been there for some time.

This is the nature of any imbalance: it’s insidious, it sneaks up on you, affecting you in subtle ways that can fly under the radar of even the most competent doctor.

The body is amazingly resilient. However when symptoms start to appear, this is your body telling you it is time to treat the deficiency; it is time to take action.

Many Ophthalmologists were not trained to treat or specialise in dry eyes and related conditions…

Doctors and specialists act with the best intentions and good faith, however they can only work within the limits of their knowledge and training.

Dry eye syndrome and its related issues have grown to almost epidemic proportions in the last number of years and for some time have been poorly understood.

Specialists see many more dry eye patients than they once did but can do little more than offer artificial tears and a daily routine to soothe the discomfort.

They are often just as stumped as their patients as to the solution.

To add to this, typically, hormone imbalances are not their speciality. 
I’m here to tell you that the three keys can work!

As mentioned, it worked for me and it worked really well. You can have your old life back and feel five years younger into the bargain!


What Should I Do Next?

Ok, so we know that poor diet, food allergies and environmental poisons can create a lot of toxicity and imbalance in your body.

This is not a good platform to start with. It’s a bit like pouring new oil into a worn out engine. The engine badly needs reconditioning  before the new oil can really add any benefit.

This is where some quality supplements can really be of benefit.   These are my top supplement recommendations and why they can help:

  • Maca Root Powder – a root vegetable from south america that is a fantastic hormone balancer and natural adaptogen. Naturopaths use this all the time. More on Maca


  • DIM (Diindolylmethane) as a compound found in cruciferous vegetables like Kale, Brussel sprouts and Broccoli, is very effective at reducing the load of bad estrogen (xeno-estrogens) in your body, not to mention helping create energy and lose weight! More on DIM Supplements


  • Resveratrol, Vitamin C and Astaxanthin – both Resveratrol and Vitamin C are very effective at reducing the inflammatory process that is associated with a number of diseases including dry eye syndrome.  Astaxanthin is a marine algae and potent antioxidant that research has shown can reduce inflammation markers and naturally raise testosterone.


Check out the Top 5 Products I used and recommend to help cure your dry eyes for good!


Whole, nutritious foods are fantastic natural anti-inflammatories too !

Remember, it’s important to address your nutritional deficiencies, while curtailing the inflammation cycle and keeping your hormones in-check and well balanced.

Healthy, well balanced hormones and a good diet make for healthy eyes and a natural remedy for dry eyes.


  1. will definitely give it a try , thank you for giving me hope again.

  2. margaret roy says:

    What do low dhea levels mean. My blood work showed that…..I have chronic dry dye for years, now have macular dry.

    • Margaret, sorry for missing this comment! DHEA declines as we age. A lot of downstream hormones are produced from DHEA, hence low levels of DHEA potentially have a knock on effect on to other hormones such as estrogen and testosterone.

  3. fazal mayar says:

    Hey jamie thanks to your website or I would have never known how to heal dry eyes. One problem though, you recommended abstaining from screens since it just aggravates it but how can do that in today’s technology era? I could do it because I still live with my parents but I wouldnt imagine someone that has to pay bills and is a software engineer. I now know all the recipe and steps you need to take to heal dry eye atleast. Ive tried it this summer but after 1 month I gave up way too boring but I will try it again next year.

    THanks Jamie

    • Thanks for the kind words. It’s difficult as you say, to stay away from screens as TVs and tech rule a lot of our lives these days.

      CVS or Computer Vision Syndrome has become a very real issue for many people. You don’t necessarily need to avoid screens. My opinion is that screens just exacerbate and already difficult issue being that you may have evaporative or aqueous deficient dry eyes.

      Since I have been on a break from work I notice my eyes are not nearly as bloodshot if at all. That means two things.

      1. No air-conditioning for 8 hours a day
      2. Less screen time

  4. Hi Jamie, I decided to check my hormones level, so if there are some disbalance, I will try this thing. Can you tell me which hormones exactly should I check in laboratory? testosterone, progesterone, estradiol, should I check some more?

    Thank You in advance

    • Hi, Essentially you are looking for low testosterone and \ or high estrogen levels. An imbalance. Total or free testosterone should at least be in the middle of the normal range or higher.

      Total testosterone
      Free testosterone (unbound and biovailable)

  5. Vinnieblanco says:

    I’ve had dry eyes and blepharitis for almost two years now. My struggle started right after two months of my prk surgery. My life has been hell from then, I’ve been to 6 doctors now, all of them tell me different causes and the same treatment which has not worked so far. You know, the usual hot compress, lid scrubs and supplements does very little or nothing at all.

    I’ve spent almost 1500$ now on restasis, drops, omega 3’s etc. but nothing has improved my condition so far. The hardest thing for me right now is the lashes that keeps falling out and getting into my eyes on a daily basis, after washing my face and after shower. I also have blocked glands which is the hardest to fix. I’m thinking of getting lipiflow but the cost is too much that I’m not sure if it will be worth since reviews are so very negative.

    Jamie, what you talk about here on this site seems promising and legit.. I also looked up the symptoms of having low hormones and I seem to fit the category. I will try your steps and hopefully be a success story too. The doctors are pretty much no help and just a waste of a lot of money, no disrespect to doctors but they pretty much know nothing about dry eyes or bleph. I am so surprised that in the age that we live now, we can cure some form of cancer, we can go to the moon and even mars soon, and yet we can’t find a cure for DRY EYES? really? why? because big pharma won’t make a cent if ever dry eyes can be cured.

    On a different note, did you also have clogged glands? did you also lose lashes? sensitivity to light? I know in my heart there is a cure, we just haven’t found or formalized it. We cannot rely on doctors for what they know is very limited and some of them are just in for money. I also believe that the root of dry eyes starts from the inside and should be fixed from the inside. I remember one doctor telling me that maybe I got bleph because I touched a dirty door knob, I pretty much laughed inside. I hope your steps works for everyone who tries it.

    • Vinnie, sorry to hear about the PRK surgery. Laser and other surgeries present a slightly different cause for dry eyes potentially. Appears that sometimes the cornea damage from the surgery doesn’t heal fast enough or at all.

      “A 2004 Mayo Clinic study revealed that three years after Lasik, the corneal nerves have not fully recovered”

      It is frustrating with specialists and doctors, you are right. In many cases they don’t know what to do and are just as frustrated by it as their patients unfortunately.

      Please let me know how you go with the steps. If the surgery wasn’t the major cause for your dry eyes, then definitely, the diet and hormone balance will be of benefit. At the very least, these changes will have you feeling and looking great. What I found was that dealing with the symptoms of dry eyes was made that much worse when I felt depressed, lethargic and unhealthy.

      Keep this in mind…

      Estrogen is a often a weight hormone. i.e. when someone is overweight, their estrogen metabolism is not at it’s best.

      Testosterone is the lean hormone. When someone has healthy T levels, they should be vigorous, alive and energetic – and slim! It’s also very important for the brain.

      As one US opthalmologist discusses, these two hormones need to be balanced and working in harmony.


  6. Hi all,
    I thought i would share my success story, a very simple dry eye cure that worked for me :))
    I used to have mild dry eyes for close to 10 years. A little annoying at times and drops did help soothe a little of which i only used a couple of times a week.
    Approx 8 months ago now my eyes were classed with severe dry eye by my doctor (one eye was worse than the other). My eyes were so red and sore for months from dry eye that drops did not work after a while.

    The doctor gave me a script for drops that he said would help with the redness but this only made them worse and stung like mad.
    He referred me to an eye specialist however i did not end up going.
    I searched high and low for natural ways on the internet but didn’t really get anywhere as they all recommended different things and they were very confusing.
    Seeing i needed new glasses and time for another eye test i thought I would visit the optometrist and see if he could help me.
    Before i said anything to him he took one look at my eyes and asked me how much fluid was i drinking?…. The answer was 1 maybe two glasses of water a day along with umpteen cups of coffee.

    His advise – Hydrate your body, WATER, milk, organic teas as your organs take at least 6-8 weeks to get fully hydrated.
    He also said to me that the over the counter dry eye drops sometimes make your eyes worse and that there is really only one cure.
    The first couple of weeks were the hardest, not being used to drinking so much water. I gave up coffee of which I feel more energized anyway and drank loads of water and organic teas.

    Start off with drinking at least a litre of water a day and by week 2/3 you should be drinking your weight in kg x 33 (eg: 72kg x 33 = 2376 = 2,376ml per day). I drank a little more on the days that i exercised.I noticed a big difference by the 6th week and by week 10 I no longer had dry eye!

    Who would think that such a simple thing like keeping your body hydrated would cure dry eye… makes very good sense now of course.
    If anyone does try this I would be grateful to know how you went…Please be patient with this process, keep it up and limit your coffee & alcohol consumption and please keep me posted :)))
    All the best, Kez

    • Kez, always great to hear a success story. One of the biggest issues with dry eye is the way it unfortunately tends to wax and wane dependant on a number of factors eg, stress in your life, dietary, environmental and so on. As we know, hormones fluctuate a lot as well, which also impacts on severity of symptoms. Have you managed to keep up the 2 litres or so of water a day? And if so, what water do you drink – filtered, bottled, tap etc? The quality of tap water differs from country to country. Australia and NZ are two of a few countries that still fluoridate their water supply. While the debate rages on about the merits of fluoridated water, my preference is for drinking the purest water I can without having to spend a fortune to do so.

      I agree, the majority of us do not drink enough water and spend a lot of our waking lives in a semi dehydrated state.

  7. I have mgd and blepharitis for almost two years now is that too long to overcome. I just started to change my diet to all healthy. Increase in vegetables, fish and fruit. I am going to start working out which I haven’t done in years. . Also My eye doctor told me it may be both mgd and aqueous deficient. Can that be overcome. Curious to know what was your tear breakup time before and after change in diet. I’ve

    • Hi Michael, I didn’t have blepharitis myself but bleph does add another layer of complexity to dry eyes as a whole. Mine was more evaporative and possibly aqueous deficiency as well. My eyes are still dry according to my optometrist, however I don’t have any real overt symptoms any more. Obviously with the case of bleph, lid hygiene is paramount along with then trying to get the meibomian glands flowing again. Definitely keep up the dietary changes, with fresh whole foods and plenty of water. I’d also highly recommend good doses of vitamin c and having your hormones checked and a fatty acid profile if possible.

  8. Hello,

    I have had blepharitis for 4 years and dry eyes.
    I have pain only in my left eye. I want to understand how it works to get better or ideally cure.
    1. Eat good food , not processed.
    2. Take testosterone

    Thank you

    • Hi Laetitia,

      it is unusual to get dry eyes in just one eye but not unheard of.

      Yes, good nutrition is a very important step, as is a detox if you can
      These two things not only provide for balance and improved energy and vitality but they also strongly encourage weight loss. A reduction in weight is associated with natural increases in testosterone.

      Regular exercise is also beneficial for healthy testosterone levels.

      You don’t need to “take” testosterone unless you have chronically low testosterone diagnosed by a doctor or specialist. In this case, you would be provided with a cream, gel or patch (HRT) to help balance your hormone profile.

      Supplements like Maca root and DIM ( a plant substance found in kale, broccoli, cabbage etc ) help naturally increase testosterone levels by reducing any estrogen (bad estrogen metabolites) overload

  9. Filippo says:

    Hello, I’m Filippo from Italy.

    I had terrible symptoms of dry eye for about two years from blepharitis caused by irritation from contact lenses, I’ve tried everything from artificial tears, to corticosteroids and cyclosporine.

    Fed up with this distressing situation, I decided to do a detox diet based on whole grains, white meat, fish, fruit and vegetables. I did this for about 2 months.

    I took out the bread, pasta, cakes, coffee ‘, alcohol, and I drank a lot of water (about 2 liters a day) …. I took a supplement named CELLFOOD under a nutritionist and now feel much better … the tears came back pretty normal! I also used Maca root powder as mentioned on this site to increase my levels of testosterone,it is written everywhere that testosterone regulates meibomiam and lacrimal glands!!!!

    My nutritionist told me that I could also use a supportive therapy called “autohemotherapy with oxygen ozone”

    Autohemotherapy has given excellent results in dry eye syndrome and for now I do not need this anyway.

    The autohemotherapy is now widespread practice everywhere, it is not difficult to find a center near where you live and inquire about this procedure.

    In any case, however, I believe that the best starting point is always a healthy diet to prevent the accumulation of toxicity ‘in the body that goes on to worsen the inflammation of dry eye.

    As Hippocrates said, the food is your best medicine!
    Dry eye syndrome is curable. Yes,you can heal if you want!!!!!!!

    • Filippo, as we have spoken on and off for quite a while now, it was great to see you finding some relief at long last. As you mention, diet and some key supplements can and do make all the difference in an overall solution for dry eyes!

      I think your story highlights that dry eye is, unfortunately, a journey! But eventually you get to the end goal and find a solution that’s right for you.


  10. I’ll definitely try this! How long did it take before your eyes were ‘healed’? Are soy products like soy milk, soy sauce etc a bad idea?



    • Hi Emil,

      Great question about Soy. In moderation, natural soy such as milk, sauce, tofu, miso aren’t really a problem. (There is a lot of conjecture and argument about the pros and cons of Soy and soy products) It’s really the soy in processed food products that need watching. If you can eat fresh and whole for 5 days out of 7 you’re doing ok!

      Took me 3-6 months. Everyone’s body is a little different however. Because symptoms can wax and wane, you definitely need a lot of patience in my experience.


  11. Great read. I’ll be sharing the information. Thanks

  12. clocks for time says:

    Nice post. I used to be constantly checking this blog and I’m inspired! Very helpful info 🙂 I care for such information very much. I used to be seeking dry eye information for a long time. Thanks and good luck.

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