Opthamalogists know Zero about Dry Eyes

by Graham
(San Francisco, CA)

Dry eyes… it’s horrible. Opthamologists have no clue what to do… it’s as if they skipped that class in school.

I have two silicon plugs in each eye. This has helped throughout the day. I also use Preservative Free eyedrops, they feel great. Before, for years, I was using preservative eyedrops.

Even with the plugs, I cannot sleep at night. I can only get 4 hours at a time. I usually only sleep 3-4 hours a night. I tell my doctor and they look at me like “so what”. I’ve seen 4 opthamalogists.

It’s really frustrating.

I took Restasis and it did nothing but dry my eyes out, blurred my vision, and caused me pain. I tried it for about a month and jumped ship.

Gel preservative drops seem to make eyes worse… at first I use them (preservative free) and it feels great, but I wake up with zero tears in my eyes. It’s as if it temporarily relieves and then sucks your eyes dry.

My eyes look red when I wake up and then I put in drops and they whiten a bit. I use drops daily about 2-4 times depending on if I use a computer.

I can only use a computer for a short period of time, and I’m likely to lose my job soon because I’m a graphic designer. I also can’t play videogames anymore… when I do use a computer I have to put on sunglasses. Some might wonder why I not buy a glare protector for my screen. Because the contrast of my screen to the background of my bright fluorescent office causes strain.

I’m living a nightmare and no doctor has the answer.

Stay away from Googlin’ because you’ll get nothing but conflicting information and quacks.

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Opthamalogists know Zero about Dry Eyes

Dec 11, 2011

by: Anonymous

I wanted to offer more updates to my condition.

When I was 17 I was diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism… now I’m 34… and just recently I was diagnosed with Hashimotos. I basically had this my whole life and was misdiagnosed.

That being said… people with Hashimotos suffer from dry eye and some even have Sjorgen’s Syndrome. I’m not sure if I have the later, but I’m going to see a Rheumatologist.

Also, I started a Gluten Free diet, mostly because my disease is an autoimmune disease which is inflammed by Gluten, and some might even say it is caused by Gluten. I was on a heavy wheat only diet for about 5 years. I wish I never was… because I feel like it exacerbated my problems.

I started seeing an acupuncturists… after researching that (and proven) that acupuncture has successfully cured dry eye syndrome… or made it very manageable. See here: http://www.medicalacupuncture.org/aama_marf/journal/vol13_3/case3.html

I’m trying things such as meditation and I have minimized my work hours. I’m hoping this doesn’t lead to me losing my job.

Dec 11, 2011

Cure for dry eyes
by: Jamie @cure-dryeyes

Yes, Optos do have a lot of catching up to do when it comes to treating dry eyes effectively. Hopefully better research will lead to more effective treatment plans for their patients. However, the obstacle they face in the cure for dry eyes is that artificial tears and ant-inflammatories do not do much to resolve the issue. This is all they are armed with, sadly.

Dry eye induced by hormone imbalances is not within their field of speciality either.